Superintendent's Message

Annually, I reflect upon what Marlette Community Schools believes.  The following are the Belief Statements adopted by the Board of Education for the 2017-2022 school years.

We believe…

·         We believe all students can learn

·         We believe in providing a safe, positive, quality environment

·         We believe in providing quality facilities (well maintained)

·         We believe in providing diverse curriculum and extra-curricular activities

·         We believe that current technology is vital

·         We believe Marlette is open to change

·         We believe all students should have a post-secondary plan

·         We believe K-12 education is our top priority

·         We believe education is a continuing process

I believe all students can learn and that the Marlette Community Schools’ staff will provide a safe, positive learning environment.  I believe that teachers inspire students to achieve their best in our quality facilities.  I believe that we offer a diverse curriculum and extra-curricular activities.  I believe we are always open to change, and that we will continue to expand offerings as needed.  I believe that Marlette Community Schools purchases and puts new technology into the hands of children and staff annually.  I believe all Marlette Community Schools’ students complete school with a post-secondary plan that will enhance their future opportunities. K-12 education is our top priority and education is a continuing process that we embrace.

Change in the world and in education is inevitable.  We will change to improve the education for our children, or we become obsolete.  Marlette Community Schools will always be making changes that educate, inspire and prepare individuals for their future as our mission statement declares. 

Excellence in education is when we do everything that we can to make sure they become everything that they can.” by − Carol Ann Tomlinson.  That is my goal, to make sure every student at Marlette Community Schools can become everything they can.


Sarah Barratt